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​At Custom Marble & Onyx we offer comprehensive remodeling services and are dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction on each and every job. Whether you want to re-model the bathroom or kitchen, our team of professional craftsman can transform your wish list into the reality of a beautifully remodeled home using quality products whether it be marble, granite, quartz, soapstone or solid surfaces.

Custom Marble & Onyx is a family owned and operated business and proud to say we are the largest distributor in California for Green Mountain Soapstone.

Beautiful , Durable and Versatile

Soapstone offers grace and elegance to your home that lasts a lifetime for your countertops, islands, and kitchen sinks and even fireplaces. Soapstone (steatite) is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock made up of mineral deposits created by nature and quarried from the earth. When cut, it oxidizes from light grey to dark charcoal in color. A light coat of mineral oil or soapstone enhancer makes its color - and subtle flowing veins - even more dramatic.

Soapstone is the perfect choice for countertops and islands because it is mostly indestructible. Its durable, dense surface possesses all the beauty of granite or marble, with none of the drawbacks. Acidic food and wine won’t etch soapstone as they will other stone surfaces. Soapstone in non-porous, making it naturally antibacterial.

Soapstone sinks will complement your countertops and add value to any home. The sinks are available in three styles to fit your life: Chicago Wright, Boston Williams and the New England Double Bowl. All are tongue and grooved, with sloped bottoms for drainage. Holes are sized for a standard drain basket, and all sinks are bench tested before shipment and shipped untreated.

What is Cultured Marble?

In layman’s terms, cultured marble is a mixture of fiberglass resin and crushed limestone. A more technical description is as follows: cultured marble belongs to a family of cast polymers. Cast polymers are a mixture of an unsaturated polyester resin, highly filled with inorganic particulates and pigments. Fillers used are engineered calcium carbonates (for cultured marble), aluminum tri-hydrate (for cultured onyx) and aluminum tri-hydrae with a suspension of specially-formulated color chips (for cultured granite).

These formulations are thoroughly mixed and poured into open molds which are coated with a clear gel coat. The shape of the products depends on the molds used. Vanity tops, wall panels for tub and shower surrounds, shower pans (available in any shape and size), bathtubs and a variety of shampoo/soap dishes, trim accessories, window sills, tile accents, etc., are all available to complete the custom look you have always wanted. The colors and veining of the finished product depends on the specific formulation and the techniques of the manufacturer. As such, each manufacturer produces specific colors and finishes.

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Incomparable versatility and flexibility of cultured marble, onyx & granite material will allow you to unleash your creativity, allowing us to produce an end product that costs only a fraction of natural materials!

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Now you can afford an incredible counter top that compliments both your taste and your budget. From smooth solids to inviting patterns, solid surfaces is the solution to champagne taste on a sensible budgets.

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Quartz surfaces are stain, scratch, chemical, and heat-resistant, making them the ideal choice for care-free kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and many other applications.

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Why natural stone? Because its natural, not manufactured, no two pieces are excatly alike. It's available in a striking array of colors and patterns. Granite's durability and longevity makes it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces.

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Natural Granite & Quartz Edge Profiles
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